Minimising security risk is essential in today’s business environment. Failure to do business with the right service provider can result in situations where your assets, property and even the life’s of your person or personnel are placed at risk. We provide ourselves with the knowledge that our guards undergo a thorough and strict selection criteria and training process based on the methodologies used by the S.A POLICE SPECIAL TASK FORCE UNIT.


Uniformed Protection Services


S.A PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES guards are highly regarded for their professionalism. We provide Security Guards services for Corporations, Private, Functions, Events and Public facilities nationwide. We approach each contract with the same professional attitude (no contract is too small or too big). Our Guards and Supervisors are highly competent and committed Officers. Their expertise ranges from officers for basic Security functions to Crises Management and emergency response. Our officers are also well versed in emergency medical procedures and will undergo ongoing training and refreshers.





At S.A PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES we are serious about the services we offer. We never sell a Client a service that does not meet their exact requirements and needs, nor will we place Officers on a Detail that are not suited to the requirement.

 All criteria relating to a project is carefully studied and analysed before we commence with the contract. This means that we maximize individual strengths by selectively placing them where they are best suited.

All our Guards and Supervisors are of the highest calibre and ongoing training programs ensures that they relate directly to the Clients needs, enabling them to quickly adapt to situations, analyse risks and to make effective strategic decisions that will avoid risks developing into problems.

 Our own in-house personnel incentives ensure that our Officers remain focused and motivated to the point that they treat each detail as if their own life’s and asset dependent on the successful outcome.

 Our Supervisors constantly monitor the Officers performance and may even from time to time replace an Officer they feel is no more suited to the Clients requirements, even when the Client is satisfied with their performance. Our professional attention to detail, superior training techniques and our business ethics are unequalled in the Industry.


Undercover Protection Services


All our Officers are well versed in the art of working undercover or in plain clothes. Where the situation dictates the need for covered approach to guarding by observing without being observed, our Officers are easily able to merge and remain undetected, whilst applying their well honed investigative skills to identify problem areas.

Although guarding details are first calibre and able to analyse and react swiftly to address most situation before they turn into problems.

Our close working relationship with the S.A.P and other LAW ENFORCMENT agencies ensures a quick and effective response should a situation arise.



To establish ourselves as the top Security Service Provider and surpass all present and most advanced levels of services currently available to Clients.


This will be achieved through:


Ø  Ongoing training programs for all staff members.

Ø  Constant interaction with the Client in order to improve service delivery.

Ø  Adopting a proactive management style.

Ø  Creating a signage between all aspects of good business and Client satisfaction.

Ø  Forging positive and long lasting relationship with all our Clients.

Ø  Developing trust and openness between our Clients and ourselves.